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We are a co-operative of coppice workers based in the North Lancashire/South Cumbrian region of Britain, working towards sustainable woodland management. We supply local firewood, charcoal and a wide range of traditional products. We run craft and coppice courses from our beautiful woodland yard.

Traditional Coppice Products

We sell a wide range of coppice products, including firewood and charcoal. More info


We regularly run various coppicing and coppice-related courses each year. More info

What is Coppicing

Coppicing is a traditional, sustainable and productive form of woodland management.

In a coppiced wood, trees are regularly cut off at ground level, causing many rods (rather than one large trunk) to grow from the stump or 'stool'. The rods that grow from the stool are straight and long and can be used for many crafts and products (see below). Most of our native trees will coppice well, with the most common species including hazel, ash, oak, birch, alder, and sweet chestnut (non native).

A coppiced wood is cut on a cycle, which can be anything from 5 to 30 years, depending on the size of the poles required. The wood is divided into areas or 'coups', equal to the number of years in the cycle, so one area is cut each year until you are back to the beginning

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Woodland Management

We carry out various woodland management contracts throughout the year. Please contact us if you are looking for someone to manage your woodland.

Want to Volunteer?

During the year we arrange days where volunteers come and work with us to get a feel for the various coppice workers jobs, such as:

  • Dressing out (taking recently cut brash and turning them into products in the woods),
  • clearing brash (making fascines and burning brash),
  • processing firewood,
  • making charcoal.
If you wish to join us then please phone us on 07766 629533.

Our Aims

Our aims are:

  • to restore old, coppiced woodlands to be productive again,
  • to re-engage local people with the wonderful woodlands in our beautiful North West area of Britain,
  • to encourage sustainable forest management and traditional crafts,
  • to teach people the skills to carry out coppicing and greenwood crafts,
  • to work with local charities,
  • to help to promote the biodiversity of our woodlands and protect our wildlife,
  • to help our members provide high quality services,
  • and to provide our local communities with ecologically produced products and services.

Contact Us

Main contact for our co-op:

Member contact details:

How to find us

We spend quite a lot of time out in the woods so it's always best to arrange to meet us by phoning or emailing first:
info@coppicecoop.co.uk or 07766 629533.
Our main activities are based here:
The Woodyard, Brackenthwaite Rd, Yealand Redmayne, Carnforth, Lancs. LA5 9TE
Grid reference SD483777

Directions from the north:
Take the A6 south from Milnthorpe.
Turn right into Beetham, pass by the Wheatsheaf pub on your right and continue up the hill to Slackhead.
Take the right fork signed to Arnside and continue to the end of the lane.
At the T junction (by the bridge over Leighton Beck) turn right.
Continue around an S bend and then as the road straightens look out for a track on the left. This is the entrance to the wood yard.
The track doubles back on itself and is not immediately visible apart from a five foot high dry stone wall which is by the entrance.
Turn up the track and proceed to the yard.
If you overshoot the turning you will come to a road junction on the right sign-posted to Arnside – turn around here and return.
Directions from the South:
Proceed north on the A6 to Beetham, turn left by the school and left again opposite the Wheatsheaf then pick up the directions in Slackhead as previously described.