Traditional Coppice Products

Bean poles£14 for 10 x 7ft rods

Pea sticks – approx 5ft long, £14 a bundle of 10

Plant stakes – approx 3ft long, £7 a bundle of 10

Hedging stakes – approx 5ft long, £8 for a bundle of 10

Fascines – approx 5ft long, 12″ diameter, £6 each bundle

Besom brooms£15 each

Birch brash for besom brooms – approx 5ft long, 6″ diameter, £14 each bundle.

Plant supports/Garden Obelisks£35 for a 5ft high and £45 for 7ft

Hazel hurdle weavers and splitters – 8-12ft long £22 for a bundle of 20 (weavers) 8-12ft long

Hazel Hurdle splitters £18 for a bundle of 10 (splitters). 8-12ft long.

Craft Wood £450 per m³

For bulk orders discounts please get in touch by emailing or phoning us on 07766 629533.